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This toilet brush

2021.12.09 07:49 Brianp713 This toilet brush

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2021.12.09 07:49 LilDeven I got a $2.25 raise?????

I just checked my workday app and my hourly rate changed from $14.50 to $16.75 out of no where. Should I tell my manager since she hasn’t told me that I was getting a raise?
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2021.12.09 07:49 Vikimiki22 Heist memeber

Does anyone need a good player?
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2021.12.09 07:49 Ohnoooanyway Looking for relaxed, laidback players

My days of trying to do great in games are well beyond me. Since most of my friends play on Xbox I can't often cross-play with them. They tend to be overly competitive too and it kind of annoys me how they go off on each other or me when I make a minor mistake.
*Important: I'd prefer female players. * Why, you may ask, well.. since I also tend to befriend girls much easier in real life but also because I notice most of male friendships tend to be very superficial. I like being able to talk deeper on certain subjects and with more liberty to discuss emotions. Have a girlfriend, so not trying to get an online one if you're wondering, but as in real life I like her friends way more than mine that stick adamantly to beesports/boobs-ass conversations. My only male best friend I could get very philosophical or emotional conversations with is currently AWOL being isolated by his manipulative GF who ordered him to delete all his PS and IRL friends. I wish I was kidding.
I'm Belgian but speak Dutch and English fluently. My French is not that great but I can understand.
What games do I play? - In a position to buy whatever you play too, I am a genre slut honestly I dig almost everything so any co-op/multiplayer is okay if you teach me your game a little. - Currently on Chaosbane, GTA, Tribes of Midgard, CoD Vanguard, Path of Exile, Risk of Rain 2, a lot of PS+ titles I need to still try like Lego DC Villains, Knockout City, etc.
PM me your PSN.
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2021.12.09 07:49 reporter1979 My Heart Songs playlist

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2021.12.09 07:49 babyevil333 worst vloger

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2021.12.09 07:49 DRUMMSOUNDS Made this for a friend. Aside from the 808 drums it’s entirely sampled from sounds her baby makes.

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2021.12.09 07:49 WeAppreciateBuu My opponent got the best cornucopia I've ever seen

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2021.12.09 07:49 LemmeBeMe111 Champion Reworks, but they're lore accurate and incredibly broken and/or terrible

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2021.12.09 07:49 DingoMcPhee Where to buy julmust? (Swedish Christmas drink)

There's a Swedish Christmas drink called "julmust" that I'm dying to try. (I've read that it's sort of between Coke and root beer.) Ikea sells a version of julmust, but of course we don't have one of those. World Market doesn't have it. It would be a grocery store type product, not sold at a bar. Where would I find such a thing in K town?
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2021.12.09 07:49 kamya0707 Anno Santo Green essay, 1933 Anno Santo essay was created in 1933 for a 0.25L + 10C green stamp that celebrated Holy Year 1933-1934. The design of this essay features a Cross and Orb within a large oal, with Latin inscription "CRUX AVE SPES UNICA" meaning "HAIL TO THE CROSS, OUR ONLY HOPE."

Anno Santo Green essay, 1933 Anno Santo essay was created in 1933 for a 0.25L + 10C green stamp that celebrated Holy Year 1933-1934. The design of this essay features a Cross and Orb within a large oal, with Latin inscription submitted by kamya0707 to philately [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 07:49 bloodstreamcity What we want to see from the Alien TV show

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2021.12.09 07:49 borisdandorra Yesterday I dreamt I participated in some sort of Squid Game

It was an incredible dream. For some reason I was in the Canary Islands, but in one where there's not a lot of tourism. I found some families having a picnic and I asked them where to find "the house". They told me that there wasn't any house, and that "the game" was starting. So there we were, suddenly, like 200 people in a park playing hide and seek. I was so frightened because if I got caught I would get killed. Next to me, there was a guy I had played golf with like a month ago, and he was just chilling. Then, the moderators told us to change places. I ran and arrived at the bathrooms of the school I went to when I was a teenager. There, some classmates from that school were trying to bully me -I was bullied back then- and I was like "c'mon, it's not the time, you fing *ssholes". I was really nervous because they were going to catch me because of these idiots' fault. But I wasn't caught. All the ones that got caught were killed in front of me. I was like "oh, this is serious". Then, there was another game I don't remember, sorry. But, what I do remember is that the killed ones where participating too, with no bruises, just faded, y'know, they participated but couldn't win anymore. However, I was still worried about not getting killed. The next game was in a 20-story building. We had to get into the top in a fixed time. I managed to meet a random girl and she instantly became my girlfriend. (Funny fact that in a moment like that I dedicated some time to flirting). During the game, another girl came and went mad at me shouting that I had abandoned her. My current girlfriend (who I had just met haha) was saying like "oh sorry, I didn't want to interfere, etc" but I told her "I don't know her, she's just trying to sow discord among us", which was true, I didn't know her. Well, we finally managed to get to the top of the building and go the next phase. In the next game, my new girlfriend had disappeared but my golf friend was there again. I was pleased to see him once again. The mods told us the game was the Cooper's Test, some sort of race where you have to do certain distance in a certain time. I was fed up, I ain't no stamina. And there I went, running and running until time was up and my name was right there, I was eliminated. I kneeled waiting for them to execute me, while I prayed three Hail Marys -I'm a Catholic-. I was pretty calmed, like, "ok, I can't do anything, it's time for me to die". Suddenly, the mods told there had been an error, and three of us were saved! A lot of people started shouting that it was not fair and that the game was fixed. And then, finally, we went to the last game. We were in a classroom of that school I already mentioned, and they started putting us a film called Woolstock Dragon, which was about a girl in a reef talking in French. Meanwhile, a mod would be giving us a sheet of paper that we had to fill in. I was so confused, I didn't know what this game was about. I managed to write some things but everything was so weird. Suddenly, the mod told us to leave our pencils. Then he called me, I was the first one. I was like "oh no, if just they had called another one before me, I could know what this game is about". I went to the blackboard, with my partially-filled paper. And I told the mod: "should I start reading?" He told me: "Yes". I told: "It's in French". He told: "Read". So there I went. Then, I mispronounced the word écoutez and a participant said I had committed an error. I was like: "Yeah, yeah, sorry, I knew that, sorry mod". I still had no idea what the game was about and I could just see that the following lines I has to read were starting to not be filled. Then the dream stoppped. Interesting or not? I wouldn't be able to label it.
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2021.12.09 07:49 Careful-Teaching-499 Xiaomi mi 9 lite com.android.providers.telephony huge size 27gb

Can someone help me reduce size of com.android.providers.telephony on xiaomi mi 9 lite? Currently it's "user data" have over 27gb and really starts to clog my phone.
Clearing data doesn't help. I also deleted all messeges once and it didn't help either.
It says user data takes 27gb
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2021.12.09 07:49 Dman109109 Got 7.64 Lymes

Finished antibiotics but I have very bad side effects though. Is a 7.64 bad? And any guesses on how long?
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2021.12.09 07:49 CIIPH3R Metal Bat >> Garou - always fun to colour some OPM [Twt:@CIPHER_498]

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2021.12.09 07:49 Efficient-Creme359 Otto and Sushang

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2021.12.09 07:49 Solid-Power-9256 im dce fan and have a good day

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2021.12.09 07:49 renejamal What was the most unexpectable sexy/kinky situation you got stuck in that you really enjoyed?

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2021.12.09 07:49 JPfan9366 Jwe 2 on Sale Xbox Store

47€ Base/55€ Deluxe.
get the deluxe. ! the pack is way to expensive stand alone 18€ are insane imo lol. would never buy it alone
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2021.12.09 07:49 Tkhrnaj 自称保守派前議員の長尾「ウイグルガー!」中国領事「招待しますよ」長尾「お断りします」→ヘタレと非難轟々 [271912485]

自称保守派前議員の長尾「ウイグルガー!」中国領事「招待しますよ」長尾「お断りします」→ヘタレと非難轟々 [271912485] submitted by Tkhrnaj to r_kenmou [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 07:49 kbttbk19 Youth XL vs Adult Small Nike NBA Swingman Jerseys

Good day folks! I did my research and found out that a Youth XL Swingman and a Small Adult Swingman are about the same size. I am planning to get youth jerseys because they are a couple bucks cheaper.
I just wanna confirm if this information is true? And they are both are not the same, can you guys please explain how they are different? Thanks and looking forward to your replies! Y’all have a great day ahead!
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2021.12.09 07:49 el_wakim Hamilton, Verstappen Can Fire Up Young Mena Drivers – Ben Sulayem

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2021.12.09 07:49 Pegasus_RydeR Iron Hideout Competition #7 just started! We're now accepting hideouts made in the past too! More prizes, same juries!

Here is the forum thread where you can find the below post in full detailed form. It's also the place submissions need to be made: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3218252
Welcome. This is the 7th of Iron Hideout Competition, a friendly event to race with other hideout makers or have some fun during the league. It's made by the community, for the community. No entry costs required, just good ole fashioned fun! Build a hideout based on a specified theme and enjoy some nice prizes!
Competition started on 7th December. Theme of this competition is Inside! This means at least %50 or more of your hideout needs to be inside a structure or an enclosed hideout base. If you're working on an enclosed hideout base, your hideout still needs to reflect the Inside theme by being interior, because only using enclosed hideout bases won't make your hideouts "Inside". There is one month of time to complete your hideouts, meaning submissions should be made until 7th January. Then our jury team will do the voting, which will take one or two weeks. Shortly after voting ends, winners and runners-up will be announced here. After the announcement, prizes will be awarded and shipped, which you can see below.

Categories: Both categories will have seperate submissions, voting, winners and prizes.
■ Non-MTX: No MTX hideout bases or decorations are allowed. Meaning hideout bases and decorations %100 should be obtainable in game without spending any currency in the MTX shop. All decorations should come from favor spending(excluding game specific ones like crafting bench, heist locker, etc.).
■ MTX: All MTX hideout bases and decorations are allowed. Creative usage of MTXes are encouraged. All MTX used should be purchasable from the MTX store. Hideout bases, decorations and pets that are not available anymore for purchase(Like Entombed hideout, etc.) are not allowed. Also decorations from Atlantis mystery box are not allowed. Usage of a couple MTX decorations at least is also required. Just adding 1-2 MTX decorations to a Non-MTX hideout base won't count. Using an MTX hideout base will count.
Challenge trophies, old benches from before the master update, rhoa dinners or other exclusive non-MTX decorations cannot be used in both categories. Also hideout bases, decorations and pets that cannot be unlocked anymore by normal ways(Like Ritualist's hideout, etc.) are not allowed. These are to create equality amongst competitors.

► Competition starts: 7th December, 11:00pm GMT
► Submissions until: 7th January, 11:00pm GMT
► Voting start: 8th January
► Results announcement: 25th January or before

Prizes For Winners (Applies to both Non-MTX and MTX Categories, except Atlas of Worlds Map which is only for Non-MTX Category):
1st Place:
► 1st Place Cup: Picture(Non-MTX Category), Picture(MTX Category)
► Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds Map(Only for Non-MTX Category) Picture 1, Picture 2
► Exalted Orb Keychain/Necklace(Brass): Picture
► Your hideout will be pinned on the frontpage of Hideoutshowcase.com.
► A special role named "Iron Chef" will be given on Path of Exile Hideouts discord server by guggelhupf.
2nd Place:
► 2nd Place Cup: Picture(Non-MTX Category), Picture(MTX Category)
► Chaos Orb Keychain/Necklace(Brass): Picture
Winners and Runners-up:
► A video showcasing winning and runner-up hideouts of both categories will be made by guggelhupf. Video will be also posted on pathofexile and PathOfExile_Hideouts Reddits.

Prizes For Everyone:
► Brittleknee will do a showcase stream of all entries on Twitch. She will showcase and comment on every single entry! Stream date will be shared in competition thread when it's set. Here is the last competition's stream.
► Guggelhupf will be doing weekly videos of all entries submitted each week. These videos will be posted on pathofexile and PathOfExile_Hideouts Reddits.

Rules and other details are in forum thread. Best of luck to everyone!
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2021.12.09 07:48 Dick_So_Long New to the whole adulting thing.

So like if I buy a business outside of canada and get money from it, do I have to report it? If so, how do I report it? Please explain like im 5. Also what if it's purchased under someone else's name but I'm still getting money from the biz? Do I have to report that? Not sure how any of this works at all. Tried reading some shit on the Canadian gov website and I didn't learn shit.
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